What are the principles and characteristics of luxury packaging boxes manufacturer

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The generation of each thing will have its own unique production principles and characteristics, so is the packaging box produced by our luxury packaging boxes manufacturer. Then what are the principles and characteristics of our design packaging boxes? Let's take a look!

First, the design principles of the packaging box

People familiar with the packaging box basically know that our packaging is mainly divided into two categories of transportation packaging and sales packaging. Sales packaging is the packaging that meets and uses directly with consumers. In addition to the use of performance, but also should have a strong artistic, its shape and structural design to meet the "scientific, beautiful, marketable" requirements. In the design of our packaging box manufacturers, we should consider the scientific and reasonable problems in the structure, but also consider the beauty of the shape and decoration. Good packaging shape, structural design, not only can accommodate and protect the goods, beautify the goods, promote the sale of goods, but also should be easy to carry, use, display and easy to transport.

Therefore, in the design, first of all should meet its overall design requirements, and then should take into account the relationship between structural design, modeling design and decoration design, that is, structural design should be based on the characteristics of the packaged product, environmental factors and user requirements, which requires our packaging box manufacturers to be very familiar with the packaged product, understand its performance and use scenarios.

Reasonably design the box cover, box bottom, adhesive flap, dust flap and other components. It should not only meet the principle of overall design, but also coordinate with the requirements of modeling and decoration design. Modeling and decoration design should emphasize the display and display of packaging from an aesthetic point of view. In addition, the size and strength design is also an important part of the carton design, which not only affects the appearance quality of the product, but also relates to the production and circulation costs.

Second, the characteristics of the packaging box design

The characteristics of luxury packaging boxes manufacturer are mainly reflected in the aspects of practicality, aesthetic, economy, originality and relevance. Practicality is one of the basic attributes of the design, mainly considering the function and role of the product, which can be reflected by the material, structure, shape and pattern of the color box packaging.

The function and function of the product are different, and the practical requirements of the packaging box design are not the same. Aesthetic requirements will be combined with various factors to design in line with the characteristics of The Times, national characteristics, beauty outstanding color box packaging product design. Economy is to get the maximum product effect with the least cost input. Originality is to be good at being unconventional, but not divorced from the society and The Times, and contain new creation in the ordinary form of the surface.

The above is to give the principles and characteristics of the packaging box for your reference. The above points are independent and interrelated, which have important guiding significance for the design work and require overall consideration in the design.

luxury packaging boxes manufacturer https://www.thpkgg.com/Luxury-packaging-boxes.html