Is there any track sos that does not require a transit platform

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track sos

When selling track sos, we need to get in touch with another new thing -- platform. Some people will question why this transit platform must be needed, if the support of the balance table is no longer available, or the company goes bankrupt, then the track sos will become a waste. Then is there any track sos that can be used without a transit platform?

The answer is yes, no. The GPS signal is sent to the server through the mobile phone traffic, and then the server analyzes the data, and then presents it to the PC or APP. This series is the platform provided by the GPS company. As for the fear of company bankruptcy, this possibility is very small, manufacturers have a lot of GPS equipment. If you charge for the platform, it will be enough for the company to survive. Not to mention expanding new customer channels every year.

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track sos